Empty Apartments

Online curatorial project featuring 150,000 photographs of apartments for rent pulled from Craigslist.

Field Guide

A manual detailing how anyone with limited resources can start and run a DIY gallery.

Three Very Long Strings

An evening of performances for three 36-foot guitar strings.

Mark As Utility

An exhibition exploring mark-making as utilitarian, schematic, and functional.


A temporary store of over 1,000 artist books, zines, and other unusual print publications.


An exhibition of works that are transmitted, not transported.

Everything Is Turning Into Something Else

Video, audio, sculpture, and performance that takes on change and evolution.

A Unit Of Work

Works that take the form of utilitarian objects as a point of departure.

Chopped & Stretched

A sound art exhibition exploring the extremes of duration.


A gallery, an email address, and a printer.


An evening of films and videos about interiors and exteriors.

Find & Replace

Exhibition exploring the fundamental units of production: pixel and shape, word and letter, code and file.