Everything Is Turning Into Something Else

Learning changes the neural pathways in our mind, allowing for a richer dendritic connection. Change is a fertilizer expanding our mind and our capabilities while also speaking of our own frailties and the transitory nature of things. All the works included in this exhibition have an underlying playfulness that seeks to engage change as a generative source for art making. For the duration of the opening, Jennifer Bockelman presented her latest work TRANSformation, providing free haircuts to willing participants. Trudie Teijink with Mark-Maker, or First Grade Pleasure collaboratively worked with gallery goers on a three-hour long drawing that continuously evolves throughout the opening. Other works included in the exhibition utilize ephemeral materials such as ice and plants to communicate and embody change.

Participating artists

Jennifer Bockelman, Trudie Teijink, Brad Thiele, Bryant Davis, Jeff Schmuki, Tim Taylor, and an audio work on loan from the Smithsonian by Tony Schwartz.