Find & Replace

Find & Replace explores fundamental units of production, whether they be pixel and shape, word and letter, or code and file. Taken from the searching function found in many word processing programs, Find & Replace becomes a process whereby each atomistic part is traced and manipulated.

Selections from Canadian poet Christian Bök's Eunoia, a book where each chapter uses only one vowel, and Of Yellow, where the vowels of Rimbaud's Voyelles have been translated to colored squares according to rules described in the poem, were printed and hung as linguistic drawings. Bök's process results in evocative poetic images that physically shape one's mouth — a subtle manipulation that is at first unnoticed but whose process crafts a rhythmic structure for each vowel.

Brandon Jan Blommaert's minimal and ethereal animations from his series America's Most Haunted pulse in and out of physicality. At first emerging from a salmon or blue haze, monumental geometric structures take form for a fleeting moment only to fade back into nothing, suggesting sci-fi computer interfaces or nano-scale architecture. (See the full set of GIFs on Rhizome.)

During the opening, Alex Myers and Jeff Thompson presented a live video and audio performance that builds from the fundamental units of computer files. Myers' live video performance looks like a mix of geometric minimalist painting and a Skype video chat on a dialup modem, created by manipulating the file structure of an existing video file. Similarly, Thompson's audio performance sonifies raw data such as Photoshop and AutoCAD files. Manipulating the playback parameters using custom software, the files become streams of droning tones and skittering, grinding noise.

Partcipating artists

Christian Bök, Brandon Jan Blommaert, Alex Myers, and Jeff Thompson.