Transceiver is an exhibition of works are sent entirely by non-traditional means, presented at Bemis Center for Contemporary Art and Drift Station. Artists from across the US and abroad were asked to send work via Skype, email, FTP, streaming audio, radio, and other forms of transmission. These works, many of which integrate their means of transmission into their structure and content, suggest a non-geographically-centered model and the potential for curators and institutions operating within modest budgets and regional locations to mount expansive international shows that challenge traditional structures of what an exhibition and gallery can be. Part two of the exhibition continued at Drift Station, featuring a low-power FM radio station that operated for a month, re-broadcasting live audio streams, and an evening of live projections from webcams around the world.

Also included were non-artworks that highlight the idea of transmission: e. coli bacteria (have been shown to transmit radio signals via their DNA), pitcher plants (which emit a pheromone to attract insects), and a book on the thoughtographic Polaroids of Ted Serios.

Participating artists

Possible Press (Trevor and Rachel Reese), Sophia Brueckner, Alex Myers, Damien Catera, Anika Schwarzlose and Jonas Lund, Gregory Chatonsky, Constant Dullaart, Eilis McDonald, Evan Roth, Dave Beattie, Matt Kenyon, Marius Watz, Maximillian Goldfarb, Michelle Nagai, and Aram Barthol.

Webcam program

A selection of webcams, screened for the opening reception: